The gas price map shows the most expensive states as Biden moves toward the lowest costs

The average gas price is highest in the western US states, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Gasoline prices nationwide averaged about $3.60 a gallon, up six cents from a year ago, according to AAA. On average, in 2023, natural gas consumption averaged about 8.94 million barrels per day, or about 376 million gallons per day, the US Energy Information Administration reports.

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Averages compiled by AAA found that the highest gasoline prices in the country can be found mostly in the West. California is the most expensive state to fill up as of May 22, with an average gas price of $5,172 per gallon, followed by Hawaii at $4,797. In third place is Washington with an average price of oil that is $4,490 per gallon.

Newsweek has compiled average gas prices for each of the 50 states on a map.

The South currently holds some of the lowest current average gas prices.

Mississippi has the lowest average price on record at $3,058 per gallon—almost $2 less than California. Arkansas and Oklahoma also have a relatively low average price of $3,112.

Prices rise in northeastern states, with more densely populated areas like New York and Pennsylvania reporting averages of $3,692 and $3,775, respectively.

The report on the latest average gas prices comes after President Joe Biden has announced that his administration will release one million barrels of government-controlled oil ahead of the July 4th national holiday in an effort to ease prices. Additional oil will come from northeastern oil reserves in New Jersey and Maine.

“The Biden-Harris administration is focused on lowering prices at the pump for American families, especially as drivers hit the road for the summer driving season,” Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm said in a White House statement..

The volumes will be divided into 100,000-barrel lots, which the White House says will “provide a competitive bidding process in which both fuel sellers and terminal operators can participate,” to ensure that fuel ” may flow to local retailers” before the 4th of July holiday. . A US barrel contains 42 liters.

The White House also said the quantities would be “sold at competitive prices, helping to lower costs for American families and consumers.”

“This builds on other actions by President Biden to lower gas and energy costs — including historic releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the largest-ever investment in clean energy,” Karine Jean-Pierre, the secretary, said in a statement. of the White House press. .

A man pumps gas into a vehicle at a gas station on October 2, 2023, in Alhambra, California. Gas prices are higher in the western US states than the rest of the country.

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images